Book Review - Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet

  • Author:       Tim Jackson
  • Subject:       Sustainable development
  • Publisher:   Earthscan, London
  • Year:            2011
  • ISBN:           9781849713238

Although the importance of sustainable development needs not be explained any further, there are many different ideas as to how to tackle the problem. 

In the his book, the author explains pretty succinctly that from the historical data, the so-called "decoupling" of economic growth is not significant enough to make an impact in the dire challenged of climate change. On the other hand, the only way out is to challenge the fundamental concept of "eternal economic growth". 

The issue goes beyond environmental issues into economic and social factors - the core values of sustainability. I hope the writer can write a sequel to discuss some new ideas and progress made during the past few years after this publication.



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