Book review: Twisted tales - My life as a Mongolian contortionist


  • Author:         Otgo Waller
  • Subject:        autobiography; contortion
  • Year:              2017
  • ISBN:             9781504378611
Originally expecting to read stuff about contortion per se, only to later realize - to a delighted surprise - it is an autobiography of how a legendary Mongolian contortionist came to shine in Las Vegas. 

Despite some word phrases found to be a bit odd, it is a truly enjoyable book. The writer has the feat to convey her genuine feelings to the readers without holding back. The beginning chapter of the backdrop against which she came to this world was almost like a fairy tale, so touching and poetic. Then came the stories of her loving family - her sister, parents and 'Grandpa', all so beautifully portrayed so readers can almost sense their presence. Then the dark episodes of sexual harassment, patriarchal societal control, trauma and losses, etc. She takes readers along with her personal journey with splendid narratives. Readers can easily immerse themselves into her story and experience the joy and sadness she went through as if they did in person. As the twilight finally arrived at the end of the tunnel, they could feel a great sense of relief and happiness. As one might imagine, readers might relate a lot of struggles in their life to her experience. Like her, we had my dreams but often got stuck and felt hopeless at times. Her tale inspired us to hang onto our faith. 

Finally, recall that the writer said she had wanted to be a journalist before embarking on the contortionist journey, presumably because she had a keen interest in writing - this book has proven her talents in that regard.



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