Book review - The mind of a mnemonist: a little book about a vast memory

  • Author:       Aleksandr R. Luria
  • Subject:      Memory, synesthesia
  • Year:           1987
  • Publisher:   Harvard UP, Cambridge, MA
  • ISBN:    0674576225
A very interesting case of a man who has seemingly unlimited capacity of memory. It is greatly appreciated that the author, psychologist Luria, did all these observations and experiments at a time where all the modern technology, such as fMRI, EEG etc. were all unavailable. Although the case was centred around the man's extraordinary memory, it also described other aspects of his life, in particular his synesthesia. Overall, it gives a lot of insight about what could happen to a person if his cognitive function runs wild. 

On the down side, some part of the book was quite difficult to read, possibility due to the translation as well as the writing style at the time.



《喚醒69億隻青蛙 : 全球暖化內幕披露》書評