Book review: Spanish grammer made easy (2nd Edition)

  • Author:         Mike Zollo & Alan Wesson
  • Subject:        Spanish
  • Year:              2018
  • ISBN:             9781138955820

This book presents a systematic and easy-to-follow approach for readers to comprehend the various parts of speech in Spanish, in particular verb tenses and moods. I believe someone with basic knowledge of the language can go through this book relatively comfortably while benefiting significantly from it. 

Having said that, there are a few areas of the content which may warrant a review:

3.1.3/ 3.1.7/ 3.4
Can él/ella/ellos/ellas really be used for inanimate pronouns? Even though it says so there, all the examples given there do not refer them to inanimate objects.

In the pronoun table, the direct object pronouns for 'ellos' should be just 'les' & 'los', and that for 'ellas' should be just 'las'. It does not make sense to put all three pronouns for each of these two objects. This same table is repeated at 3.10.

Should 'lavaos' be 'lavados' instead? I believe it is a typo.

Appendix II: A2.1.1
When it says that "Spanish never has more than two vowels together", how about that 2nd plural Imperfecto form of many verbs, e.g. caíais?

Despite these, the book is still a very concise summary of Spanish grammar and explains things very well. I would recommend it to learners of the Spanish language.



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