FIFA World Cup Access database

Yes, I am talking about MS Access. In the year of 2020. But why can't I?

Okay, this is indeed a very geeky thing to do. I created a World Cup database that can let user input the countries, teams, tournaments, etc. into the database, then most importantly, automatically compute all the group results and show the corresponding team presence during the knockout stage just by entering results of each match (including yellow/red cards which might be used during group ties).

Notwithstanding the torture of fixing numerous trivial bugs, this is also a very interesting undertaking. To translate the finest FIFA World Cup group stage promoting rules into execution, and do it as succinct as possible, is no easy task. A similar case holds for the knockout stage. You need to compute what team names and their corresponding flags to show up at the right place without having much redundancy - I initially made too many layers of queries and rendered the chart non-executable. But the moment I succeeded, together with the beautiful flags showing up, the joy and satisfaction is tremendous.

So here I am uploading database here for everybody usage. There is no password nor database protection so you can use it as freely as you want. However, if you do appreciate this and would like to explore further about this, do drop me a line. Normally I was thinking of creating a version for Euro 2020 but given the current pandemic there might be a year before it is due...(sigh). But if you are interested to sponsor to make any variations of the database, I am happy to hear about it.



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